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November 28, 2016

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November 28, 2016

Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher – Review

November 28, 2016

I recently received Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher from this Kube Publishing in the mail (don’t you guys miss snail mail?).

hthecatIt’s a simple, sweet story about a cat (aptly named Hurayrah) searching for his “dad” Abu Hurayrah (ra) in Madina. My favourite part was the Prophet’s (saw) camel Qaswa making an appearance in the story to give Hurayrah some advice! Along the way to find Abu Hurayrah, the lttle feline saves a man from a snake attack!

My four-year-old daughter loves this book and actually took it to her Kindergarten classroom to share. Her teachers and friends also loved the book for it’s bright illustrations, brief but effective text, and a simple, easy-to-follow storyline.

Someone recently asked me how to teach young kids about the prophets, and I wasn’t really sure, especially because the prophets can’t be physically drawn in books/cartoons. But after reading this story I thought it was quite a nice way to introduce kids to the stories of Prophet Muhammad, his city Madina, and his companions.

I don’t believe that we have to teach kids about our history by sitting them down at a desk and dictating (try doing that with a four year old hthecat3and let me know how it goes!). Instead, we can start with simple, age-appropriate stories that will pique kids’ interest and let it build over time.

For me, it’s enough for now that my daughter knows that the Prophet’s camel was called Qaswa and they lived in a city called Madina, and Abu Hurayrah loved cats!

These are small details that I will build upon over time InshaAllah.

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