Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher – Review

Asmaa - November 28, 2016

I recently received Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher from this Kube Publishing in the mail (don’t you guys miss snail mail?). It’s a simple, sweet story about a cat (aptly named Hurayrah) searching for his “dad” Abu Hurayrah (ra) in Madina. My favourite part was the Prophet’s (saw) camel Qaswa making an appearance in the story to give Hurayrah some advice! Along the way …

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The One – Book Review

Asmaa - October 18, 2016

The Oneness of Allah is something very easy to understand. It’s part of our fitrah. When we tell our children there is One God, who sees and knows all, who created us, who loves us and helps us, who we have to worship, it’s not a difficult concept for them to grasp. But, full disclosure: I am very skeptical about books that try to teach …

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Craft it Up this Ramadan and Eid – Book Review

Asmaa - May 1, 2015
craft it up

Ramadan, followed by Eid is a special time to cherish with your family and friends. Some of my best memories are with my parents and siblings as we sat around the table for iftar and suhoor meals, or our long nights at the mosque for taraweeh. We had special meals, special duas and special visitors all throughout the month. Our Ramadan traditions are ongoing and …

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The Prophet Says Series – Book Review

Asmaa - April 13, 2015

Mainstream publishing companies often say outright that they don’t want manuscripts with obvious “morals” to be submitted for publication. They’re more interested in publishing good, entertaining stories as opposed to stories with a teaching objective. For me, the optimal children’s book is one that combines both: a great, memorable story and a good moral. For this reason, The Prophet Says Series written by Mariam Al-Kalby …

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How to get Hijab Ready – Book Review

Asmaa - March 17, 2015
How to get Hijab Ready

The question many parents ask themselves as their daughters grow into young women is: how do we productively broach the subject of hijab with our child without employing the dreaded parental “preachy voice” that elicits waves of eye-rolling? “How to get Hijab Ready” offers an outstanding and holistic answer. “How to get Hijab Ready” is written by a mother-daughter duo: Megan Wyatt and her 12 …

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