Life as a Parent

She’s not Just your Child – She’s a Soul

Asmaa - January 16, 2018

Between getting my child to eat semi-healthy food, trying to ensure she doesn’t colour everything in the house with permanent markers, and putting her to bed at a reasonable time every night, I often feel like I’m at my rope’s end. My patience wears thin. Very, very thin. I was recently sitting with a group of friends and our children were playing together next to us. …

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Five “Emotional” Rewards in Jannah

Asmaa - October 2, 2017
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Since my daughter was very young, her and I have talked openly about Jannah. She has high hopes for a field of her own peacocks and for a horse with wings to fly her around (but she insists I sit behind her so she doesn’t fall off). She has so many questions about when she’ll go, who she’ll see there, and how old she’ll be. …

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How a Used Car Taught me about Ihsan

Asmaa - September 5, 2017
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  Last winter I had some car trouble and started getting incredibly frustrated with my vehicle. It was a 2001 model, practically falling apart at the seams. It felt like every month or two I was forking out a few hundred dollars to get different parts replaced or fixed. I finally decided it was time for me to purchase a newer car. Like most people looking …

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Not Obsessing over others’ Blessings: Prophet Zakariyyah’s Dua

Asmaa - August 2, 2017

Prophet Zakariyyah (as) was entrusted with the guardianship of Maryam (as) while she was secluded in her worship and dedication to Allah (swt). At one point, when he came to check on her, he found that she had provisions – fruits that were not in season. His reaction to this is recorded in this beautiful series of verses: Allah (swt) says: Every time Zakariyyah entered …

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Into the Mouth of the Beast

Asmaa - June 14, 2017

In mythological stories, the hero sometimes has to battle a great beast in order to survive, or rescue someone, or get his hands on some magnificent treasure. Three headed beasts, or fire-breathing dragons, or shape shifters who represent the character’s greatest fear. Usually, these characters are taken to the brink of failure and stare into the gaping mouth of the beast before they try one …

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Working Through Difficulties: Inspired by Maryam (as)

Asmaa - April 10, 2017

My husband died in August 2013 when our daughter was 9 months old. In the years that followed, I wrote extensively about my experiences with widowhood and the struggles that ensued. A year and a half after I was widowed, I launched Ruqaya’s Bookshelf to host some of my longer writing pieces and as a platform to sell the books I had written. While my journey …

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On Conquering Fear: Inspired by Musa (as)

Asmaa - March 29, 2017

Fear is something each of us knows intimately. No matter where you live or who you are, you’ve experienced some version of fear. It’s universal. We fear for our and our children’s safety. We’re afraid what will happen if we don’t have enough money to make rent or buy food or send our kids to school. We’re afraid that one wrong turn somewhere on this …

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Parenting is 99% Instinct – and You’re Doing Fine

Asmaa - January 24, 2017

“If someone hits you, you hit them back,” I heard myself saying. “If someone pushes you, you push them back. Don’t ever let anyone hurt you.” This was my advice to my daughter since before she was fully fluent in any language. Since she was barely three years old, I have taught her that she has a right to defend herself against school bullies, children …

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Asmaa - January 17, 2017

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve been reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown for the last two months (one of the perks of having kids is that you basically forget how to read unless there are pictures and rhymes in the book). She writes about how comparing yourself to others steals joy from your life. I couldn’t help but aggressively nod in agreement while …

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