Letters To Ruqaya

Sometimes the Greatest Miracle is within you

Asmaa - September 1, 2016

A letter to my daughter. It was physically impossible for Maryam (as) to be pregnant. It was ‘impossible’ for the sea to split in half for Prophet Musa and his people to escape the army behind them. It was ‘impossible’ for Prophet Ibrahim to emerge unscathed from the fire that his people threw him into. It was ‘impossible’ for the Prophet Muhammad to travel to …

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You will be Well-Pleased with what He Gives you.

Asmaa - July 31, 2016

To my daughter, We were at your cousin’s house and his father rang the doorbell. Your cousin, as he ran towards the door, yelled “Baba’s here.” And you ran, too, not really knowing why exactly – just running because he was running. Then, our eyes met as you waited for the door to be opened, and you asked me something. You didn’t mean to burst …

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Bottling up Hope for You

Asmaa - May 16, 2016

To my daughter, I was recently asked in an interview – if you could bottle up any emotion and gift it to anyone, what would it be and for whom? The answer came to me without any thought. If I could bottle something up it would be hope, and it would be for you. I would save it for a rainy day, for a day …

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How to Have Dreams of the Prophet

Asmaa - April 18, 2016

A letter to my daughter. The following is a story that my father used to tell my siblings and me when we were children: A man once came to a scholar and said to him, “More than anything, I want to have a dream of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). How can I do this?” The scholar thought for a moment, then told him, “Go home …

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Don’t be Surprised by the Decree of Allah

Asmaa - February 2, 2016

A letter to my daughter. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you study or practice or spend, you’ll never be able to accomplish anything of meaning or become the best version of yourself without the help of Allah (swt). When you understand the absolute power of Allah (swt) to help you realize your dreams, you’ll feel like the whole world has …

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No matter what, plant your seeds

Asmaa - December 3, 2015

Photo Courtesy of Jack Wolf.   A letter to my daughter. Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, “If the Final Hour comes while you have a palm-cutting in your hands and it is possible to plant it before the Hour comes, you should plant it.” The world can be a scary, dark place sometimes. You might feel like people are out to get you because of who …

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I’ll Only Worship Allah if…

Asmaa - October 14, 2015

A letter to my daughter, The way you view your purpose in this world, and how you understand the perfection of Allah’s plans determines what kind of worshiper you will be. There are three kinds of worshipers in this world: The one who only worships God alone when she is in difficulty: When facing huge and daunting challenges, this type of person freely acknowledges that …

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The Antidote to Intellectual Suicide

Asmaa - August 27, 2015

A letter to my daughter, My dad (your giddo) often talks about the pitfalls of intellectual suicide – he refers to it by the acronym “IS,” as though it’s some kind of horrible disease (which it is). By far, intellectual suicide is more deadly than any physical ailment. It’s the process of surrendering your own logic, thought-process and will to another human being or group. …

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