Parenting is 99% Instinct – and You’re Doing Fine

Asmaa - January 24, 2017

“If someone hits you, you hit them back,” I heard myself saying. “If someone pushes you, you push them back. Don’t ever let anyone hurt you.” This was my advice to my daughter since before she was fully fluent in any language. Since she was barely three years old, I have taught her that she has a right to defend herself against school bullies, children …

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Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Asmaa - January 17, 2017

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” I’ve been reading Rising Strong by Brené Brown for the last two months (one of the perks of having kids is that you basically forget how to read unless there are pictures and rhymes in the book). She writes about how comparing yourself to others steals joy from your life. I couldn’t help but aggressively nod in agreement while …

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Life in perspective: you don’t know who’s in your womb.

Asmaa - December 8, 2016

When you conceive a child, your hopes and dreams for that child overwhelm your heart. You discuss with your partner the way you’ll raise him, what you’ll feed him, how you’ll set a sleep schedule for him. You plan our her first few years – where she’ll go to school, what kind of friends she’ll have, what extra-curricular programs you’ll put her into. You’ll dream …

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Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher – Review

Asmaa - November 28, 2016

I recently received Hurayrah the Cat: The Snake Catcher from this Kube Publishing in the mail (don’t you guys miss snail mail?). It’s a simple, sweet story about a cat (aptly named Hurayrah) searching for his “dad” Abu Hurayrah (ra) in Madina. My favourite part was the Prophet’s (saw) camel Qaswa making an appearance in the story to give Hurayrah some advice! Along the way …

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The One – Book Review

Asmaa - October 18, 2016

The Oneness of Allah is something very easy to understand. It’s part of our fitrah. When we tell our children there is One God, who sees and knows all, who created us, who loves us and helps us, who we have to worship, it’s not a difficult concept for them to grasp. But, full disclosure: I am very skeptical about books that try to teach …

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I Stopped Shaping my Eyebrows when my Husband Died

Asmaa - September 25, 2016

This piece isn’t really about eyebrows. When my husband was killed, so many things in my life immediately changed. I had no time to get used to the idea of him being gone. I had no time to really adjust to a new reality. I was thrown, headfirst, into this chaotic and painful hurricane of emotions and events. At some point a few weeks later, …

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Sometimes the Greatest Miracle is within you

Asmaa - September 1, 2016
Photograph of a human hand with a paper plane

A letter to my daughter. It was physically impossible for Maryam (as) to be pregnant. It was ‘impossible’ for the sea to split in half for Prophet Musa and his people to escape the army behind them. It was ‘impossible’ for Prophet Ibrahim to emerge unscathed from the fire that his people threw him into. It was ‘impossible’ for the Prophet Muhammad to travel to …

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